June is the month of rest, July is provisions. (my calendar has different monthly theme)

Today I’m Thankful for these provisions:

The landlady texted me in the afternoon. She’s going to give me the refund of rent by the end of August (at least there’s certainty).

Extra money for rent (I didn’t expect).

July is just starting and there’s still 29 days to be thankful for provisions.





Where replying to emails for the day should be done.

Where deadlines of projects are meet.

Where office responsibilities are done before they are due.

Where balance between life and work are keep up.

Where spiritual discipline is practice daily (that includes meditation, yoga and bible reading)

Where excellence is pursued in each task.

Where passion is kept alive.

Where open-mindedness is a mantra in every human interaction.

Where learning is a joy  (that includes reading books).

Where creativity and thinking are encouraged.

Where wisdom is gain in all situations (that includes rejections).

Where love fuels inspirations (that includes the love of self and God – most importantly)

Where kindness and compassion are just as important.

Where believing in your self and God make a great difference.

Where family communication is with the same importance.